About Us

Welcome to my store. I’m Mandy and I began this journey after watching a video on animal testing in the beauty industry.   After doing research I found almost the entire industry still use these horrible methods on animals.  I personally couldn’t use these products anymore, so I researched all of my hair, nail, and beauty products. I got rid of all the products that used animal products or tested on animals.   After going through all this, I found how hard it is to find products that don’t do these things anymore.

Along my journey also found that Fashion is the second largest contributor to pollution, after fossil fuels.  I couldn’t believe how much energy it takes to make a shirt or a dress. *  

I decided that I would start a store that offered products that no longer used or tested on animals, but also did so in a way that wouldn’t impact the environment.   I found so many brands that had this criteria,  but also gave back. They would give their profits to environmental development,  education grants,  or installed water systems around the world.  Each brand did something special for people or the environment. 


I’m so happy that you have showed interest in my passion.  Why not help this world out, while buying amazing gifts for yourself.


*Article on Fast Fashion & Environmental impact:





What’s the Second Most Polluting Industry? (We’ll Give You A Hint – You’re Wearing It)