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This natural deodorant is easy to apply and made from basic, safe ingredients. It’s paraben free and aluminum free. It is moisturizing and helps neutralize any odors as a result of sweat. It is also perfect for expecting moms or nursing moms because it’s not full of harmful chemicals. All you need is a quick swipe under each pit and you’re good to go.

2oz Tube

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The more prominent scents are Vetiver and Orange which provides a calming, grounding combination.  Some may describe the scent as more masculine but it can work for both men and women.  And YES, this has been tested on men and they have loved it!   All you need is a quick swipe under each pit and you’re good to go. Tips:

  • You may need to apply once in the morning and a refresher later in the day the first week or two of use, if your body is not used to a toxin-free deodorant yet.
  • This product contains baking soda and essential oils so if you experience some irritation, try using it every other day. If irritation continues to occur, you may have a sensitivity to an ingredient and should discontinue use but contact me – I’d love to send you an alternative with less baking soda.
  • Keep out of heat – it will melt.  If it does, just prop it upright in a cooler area and it will solidify again.
  • You may need to press the stick against your pit for 20 seconds and then give it a swipe across you pit.  No need to apply more than a thin layer.


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